About Us

The Woodridge Foundation was established in 1997 as a vehicle for enriching the educational experiences and enhancing the educational facilities of Woodridge students. The purpose of the Foundation is to accept and expend funds in support of curricular and extracurricular activities, programs, and facilities of the Woodridge Local School District and to provide financial assistance to graduates of Woodridge High School to assist in their post-secondary education.

Our Mission

The Woodridge Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization, that acts as the conduit for community resources to be allocated for scholarships, endowments, capital improvements, and other worthwhile non-required school programs not currently funded by our present tax dollars or overseen by the School Board.

Trustees / Officers

  • Joe Charles – President and Treasurer
  • Thomas Shaheen, O.D.  – Vice President
  • Lisa Batman Bates – Secretary
  • Walter Davis
  • Rebecca English
  • Joan Lauck
  • Jeff McHugh
  • Stan Stammen
  • Jennifer Syx

Contact Info

To contact the Woodridge Foundation, call 330-928-6263 or email alumni@woodridge.k12.oh.us.