Alumni Military Service

Many alumni of Woodridge High School have served in the military so that we may live in the greatest country in the world. We dedicate this page in their honor to show the appreciation of the Woodridge Community for their sacrifice. Those alumni giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom are shown in italics with an asterisk.

US Air Force
Graham Baciak, Class of 1995
Edward Carst, Class of 1964
Matt Christopher, Class of 1992
Dan Leipold, Class of
Ricky Lewis, Class of 1971 (One tour in Viet Nam)
Bill Manley, Class of 1983
Richard Miller, Class of 2007
John J. Reichart, Jr., Class 0f 1965
Hope Rice, Class of 2001

US Army
*Doug Fazzino, Class of 1965 (KIA Viet Nam 6/11/1968)
Andrew Amos, Class of 1999
Jeff Brenneman, Class of 2001
Theodore P Buzzelli, Class of 1972
Joey Ciraldo, Class of 2011
Curtiss DeWitt, Class of 2005
Russ Fisher, Class of 1980
Cody Grimm, Class of 2003
Jesse Grimm, Class of 2004
Frank Hager, Class of 1985 (Desert Shield – Desert Storm)
Phil Hetteberg, Class of 2003
Trish Hill-Iowa (Patricia Hill), class of 1974
Erik Jablondski, Class of 1988
Robert Jenkins, Class of 1982
Steve Little, Class of 1964 (Viet Nam)
Lawrence McElrath, class of 2009
Lambert McElrath, class of 2009
Tyler McHale, Class of 2011
Patrick Moss, Class of 1985
James Plaisted, Class of 1966
John Pyott, Class of 1987
JC Rogerson, Class of 1982
Michael Schmidt, Class of 2002
Dillon Shroyer, Class of 2011
Rhonda Smith, Class of 1975
Kevin Stadelman, Class of 1983
Jesse Timmons, Class of 2013
David Trout, Class of 1972

US Coast Guard
Rick Wood, Class of 1977
Bill Manley, Class of 1983

US Marine Corps
*Ray Arnett Jr., class of 1970 (died in Viet Nam in 1970)
Chris Parsons, Class of 1995
Chris Amore, Class of 1995
Kurt Dirker, Class of 1995
Andrew Morris, Class of 2016

US Navy
George (Hank) Brush, Class of 1974
Chuck Martin, Class of 1982
Jeff Balog, Class of 1982
Chris Aguilar, class of 1970
Daniel Ingersol, Class of 1982
Lauralynn Pierce (nka Stephen), Class of 1986 – served in Persian Gulf War 1987-1991
Melissa (Doxey) Gainer, Class of 1992
Shawn Isbell, Class of 1992
Melissa (Doxey) Gainer, Class of 1992
Ed Vargo, Class of 1967
Jacob Thursby, Class of 2013
Matt Rice, Class of 1979
Kenneth L Stiver, Class of 1972
Roger Mitchell, Class of 1973
Bill Manley, Class of 1983
Tim Hetteberg, Class of 2006

Class of 2014:  Geavonna Hopkins, Shayna Jennings, Mikayla Johns, Courtney Montecalvo, Katelyn Skaggs, and Jesse Timmons

Class of 2015:  Khari Armour, Leonte Cooper, Jaivon Danzy-Toles, Jeff Helmick III, Jacob Williams, and Demetrius Tabler

Class of 2016:  Hannah Grant, Mish-shy-el Johnson-Lisman, Elijah Michaels, Conner Ryan, and Katelyn Thomas

*We would also like to give special recognition to those with the ultimate sacrifice, having lost their lives in the line of duty.